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Specialist Areas of Counselling

I have specialist knowledge and experience of working with clients affected by illness – including life changing and life limiting illness. This can change everything in your life – work, relationships, what you can do. It can turn life upside down and sometimes people need to support to help them adjust to the changes that an illness can bring. Counselling in this case won’t change your circumstances, but I can give you ways to cope with the emotional and psychological impact of illness and help you to view things from a different perspective.

But it has to be acknowledged that an illness in the family never just affects the patient and so I am also keen to support other family members, who may have become a carer without much warning. If you are the family member of someone who is unwell you too can access counselling – we can look at coping strategies to help you so that you can be there for the patient.

I also have extensive experience of working with those experiencing loss and bereavement. Loss is not just about death, it could be loss of a job, a relationship, a pet, a friendship – there are many losses in life that affect us and sometimes we don’t always manage the change that this brings very well. Bereavement is also a part of life, but sometimes you need someone to walk alongside you as you manage this new path in your life.

As a qualified counsellor the other areas that I regularly cover within my work include:

• Anxiety and depression
• Anger Management
• Dealing with stress – both work or personal
• Exploring your spirituality
• Building your self-esteem and confidence
• Relationship difficulties

With all of the above I would look to find ways to challenge your thinking, help you develop a more positive outlook and find coping strategies that work for you.
If anything on here sounds like you then contact me to see how I can help you.

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